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zzZipMe Sack - Cozy Black Puppytooth - Plush Wearable Blanket

zzZipMe Sack - Cozy Black Puppytooth - Plush Wearable Blanket

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Cozy Black Puppytooth zzZipMe Sack.  During the first year, after baby has transitioned from swaddling, experts recommend a wearable blanket for sleep. The zzZipMe Sack features a handy 2-way zipper that makes our sleep sack easy to use. TOG 2.2 

Easy to place baby in the sack when unzipped from the top and keeps baby warm during diaper changes when you zip up from the bottom. Award winning design features plush fabric with silky satin trim.

Available Sizes

3-6 Month: Fits up to 28 inches
6-12 Month: Fits up to 32 inches


• 100% polyester with silky satin trim
• 2-way zipper
 2.2 TOG for sleep environments of 65-70 degrees F
• Machine washable
• Made in USA with superior quality

Product ID: SDWBCZ21

Ships In: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.

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